Website briefly unavailable
Posted by matt on 10 November 2009
For some reason which has yet to be explained by my hosting company (iServe New Zealand), the majority of games were unavailable this afternoon until 2:35pm. We apologize greatly for this. It seems to be fine now, however the situation will be monitored closely.

Unfortunately, it was out of our control - our hosting company were simply not serving the pages correctly. I am going to hound and pester them until I get an adequate response, so that I can give you all some assurance that it won't happen again. Watch this space.

MATT'S UPDATE: Surprise surprise, they have emailed me back saying it was my fault. I know it was not my fault - between the time the site went down and the time it was back up, I did nothing.

MATT'S UPDATE II: Okay, the next day they admitted it was their fault, and they don't yet have a resolution yet. So, there's not much I can do at the moment, except apologise in advance if the games stop working suddenly.