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Manic Miner
Jet Set Willy
Crossroads II
The Brick Maze
Escape From ASCII Castle
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The Pyramid Maze
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04 January 2021
Sorry Scotty these games were developed for playing on a desktop PC - they're quite old, developed long before phones became popular.

03 January 2021
Why won't these games play on my phone please help

31 December 2020

05 November 2020

12 July 2020
manic miner

29 June 2020

24 May 2020
hey anyone there

02 May 2020

01 May 2020
36900 score in crossroads 2

28 April 2020
made great score on crossroads 2

26 April 2020
crossroads2 is hard

19 April 2020
manic miner is hard

19 April 2020

19 April 2020
cannot get past 6th cavern !

18 April 2020
MANIC MINER! just got high score 15 minutes ago

Shoutbox Archive

12 December 2008 - Darnkitty.com up and running in its new location!
Darnkitty.com has moved to a new web-server! You should now notice improved performance, and the website should no longer go down intermittently!

The website is now located in the USA - that means the website is now in EST (New York time) rather than NZT (New Zealand time). We've gone back in time 16 hours!

07 September 2008 - Website maintenance
There's been a slight problem with darnkitty.com's webhosting which resulted in the website being down for a while. We apologize for this!

This may mean that we have to move webservers in the near future which would mean the site may be down for a week or two.

14 March 2008 - Finally, an update!
As you can see, it has been over two years since any real updates have occured! But thank you to everyone who has visited over the last few years.

Since the site has been steadily increasing in popularity, the high score boards now will display the top 500 scores, rather than the top 100 scores. Hopefully more updates will be on the way shortly.

01 January 2006 - Happy new year!
Happy new year from darnkitty.com!

08 December 2005 - More Manic Miner levels
Manic Miner New LevelsMore Manic Miner levels!

If you managed to complete all the levels of Manic Miner... Good News! More caverns have been added!

30 November 2005 - New scoring system

There has been a change to the scoring system this month.

From now on, any scores you get stay on the board for a full calendar month. That is, any scores you submit in December will stay on the board for December and January. Any scores you submit in January will stay on the board January and February. We would like to hear your feedback on the new system, so please contact us.

30 November 2005 - Sudoku - multiple puzzles each day - now playable online!

The daily sudoku puzzle is now in Flash - meaning you are able to play the puzzles online. You no longer have to print out the puzzle (but you still can if you want).

In addition, there will be several puzzles each day, each with different skill levels!

20 November 2005 - Manic Miner
Manic MinerManic Miner

The first in our collection of retro games from the past. Collect all the keys on each level to advance to the next, and submit your high score to the high score board. As usual, if you want your high score to be recorded, you will have to sign up.

11 November 2005 - Cheese, Louise!
Cheese, Louise!

A fun little game where you try and shoot down as much cheese as possible before it shoots you.
Compete with other players by submitting your high score. If you want your high score to be recorded, you will have to sign up.

11 November 2005 - Introducing the daily SUDOKU puzzle
Darnkitty is proud to bring you a new Sudoku puzzle every day!

Solutions to each puzzle will automatically be posted the following day.
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