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A message from Matt (10 April 2021):


darnkitty.com started life back in 2005. I had a lot of fun bringing game ideas that I had rolling around in my head to life.
However, the website was built on technology which is no longer supported - namely Flash and Java - and I don't have the desire or motivation to rebuild it in modern technologies.

Unfortunately I've made the difficult decision to close the site at the end of April 2021.
Thank you for your support over the last 16 years. I have received very nice messages from some people over the years and I wish that it was feasible to keep the site running.



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Manic Miner
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11 April 2021
:-( A sad day. This site was a big part of my life and I'll miss it. Thank you for everything Matt.

27 February 2021
Hi everyone!

04 January 2021
Sorry Scotty these games were developed for playing on a desktop PC - they're quite old, developed long before phones became popular.

03 January 2021
Why won't these games play on my phone please help

31 December 2020

05 November 2020

12 July 2020
manic miner

29 June 2020

24 May 2020
hey anyone there

02 May 2020

01 May 2020
36900 score in crossroads 2

28 April 2020
made great score on crossroads 2

26 April 2020
crossroads2 is hard

19 April 2020
manic miner is hard

19 April 2020

Shoutbox Archive

02 August 2009 - Minor updates
UpdatesA couple of updates to existing games - Blagger now has a pause function, and Kiwitris has had a minor bug fix.

18 July 2009 - Kiwitris - new game
Play Kiwitris online hereA new Tetris-like game, sure to keep you busy for 5 or 10 minutes!

Play by clicking here!

15 July 2009 - Layout changes over the next week
Layout changesOver the next week you might notice some minor changes in the design of the site. I'd love to hear your views, so please contact me personally with any comments, or leave comments on this news item.

13 July 2009 - Jet Set Willy, and sequels
Jet Set Willy remakesAs well as darnkitty.com's remake of The Original Jet Set Willy, you can now play two unofficial sequels developed by Danny Menato of www.menato.net online here. They are:

Willy's Mountain Party and Willy: The Pyramid Maze.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

29 June 2009 - Jet Set Willy - at last!
Play Jet Set Willy online hereJet Set Willy is done at last!

Please try it out!

14 May 2009 - We got 500 members!
500 membersHey, at long last we finally got 500 members! Woo hoooooo. *FANFARE*

Say hi to our 500th member, fenjerac!

13 May 2009 - Forum changes
Forum changesIf anyone noticed, the forum below each game was showing the first page of posts... which wasn't much use once the forum got beyond one page.

Now, the first post and the last 5 or so posts of the forum are shown instead. Exciting huh! Hey, at least it's an update!

(Also, I'm hoping Flash Jet Set Willy will be ready in 4-6 weeks from today.)

14 April 2009 - Blagger

The second (finally!) in the collection of retro games from the past. Those of you who love Manic Miner will hopefully love this too!

In the same vein as Manic Miner, collect all the keys on each level to advance to the next, and submit your high score to the high score board. As usual, if you want your high score to be recorded, you will have to sign up.

26 February 2009 - New scoring system II
High Scores
On 28 February, the high score board will change to only show each person's highest score in the last two months. This will allow more people to show themselves on the high score boards!

You should still submit every single score though, because the old high score boards (along with some others) will appear on each game's high score page, as well as on your stats page (coming soon).

05 February 2009 - Sudoku back online
You may have noticed that the daily sudoku has been offline... for a while. But now, it's back, and sure to stay!

There will be at least three different puzzles every day.
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