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Escape From ASCII Castle
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27 February 2021
Hi everyone!

04 January 2021
Sorry Scotty these games were developed for playing on a desktop PC - they're quite old, developed long before phones became popular.

03 January 2021
Why won't these games play on my phone please help

31 December 2020

05 November 2020

12 July 2020
manic miner

29 June 2020

24 May 2020
hey anyone there

02 May 2020

01 May 2020
36900 score in crossroads 2

28 April 2020
made great score on crossroads 2

26 April 2020
crossroads2 is hard

19 April 2020
manic miner is hard

19 April 2020

19 April 2020
cannot get past 6th cavern !

Shoutbox Archive

19 October 2014 - Crossroads II
Another new game uploaded - Crossroads II. I worked on this game for five years, and only just now have had the chance to finish and upload it!

09 June 2013 - The Brick Maze uploaded
Another new game uploaded - The Brick Maze.

06 June 2013 - Escape From ASCII Castle uploaded
I've uploaded the first new game in a while - Escape From ASCII Castle.

Actually, it's not that new, I wrote it years ago, but there's been no new content for a long time, so I thought I'd upload this, even though it's a pretty average game :-)

Hopefully I'll be able to spend a bit more time on the site over the coming months, and resume work on the games listed on the future games page.

10 May 2013 - Submitting scores is possible once again
For a short time now, people were unable to submit scores for most of the games on the website, specifically, the java games.

I contacted my hosting company and apparently they blocked the scoring attempts as some of them were identified as "security threats". I told them that they're definitely not security threats and they've unblocked the requests, so now submitting scores works again!

I'm going to set up some monitoring over the next week to ensure that if this happens again it gets picked up much faster.

31 October 2012 - Website briefly unavailable
Due to the storm named Sandy in the United States' East Coast, and due to one of my website's servers being located in Manhattan which currently has lost all power, parts of the website are currently unavailable. There's not a lot I can do about this - but I'm assured the problem is being worked on.

UPDATE: My hosting provider have moved the site to a new server, but unfortunately this new server has a different version of PHP to the old server, and this has caused some things to break. I'm working through trying to fix these, but if you notice anything I've missed, please contact me via the "Contact" link above.

25 February 2010 - 1000 members!
1000 membersWe now have our 1000th member! Say hi to mrjetsetw!

On an entirely unrelated note, you may not see many updates to this site before August this year - I've decided to take some time away from computers and all things geeky in order for a bit of "me time". I hope however that you will still all visit!

10 November 2009 - Website briefly unavailable
For some reason which has yet to be explained by my hosting company (iServe New Zealand), the majority of games were unavailable this afternoon until 2:35pm. We apologize greatly for this. It seems to be fine now, however the situation will be monitored closely.

Unfortunately, it was out of our control - our hosting company were simply not serving the pages correctly. I am going to hound and pester them until I get an adequate response, so that I can give you all some assurance that it won't happen again. Watch this space.

MATT'S UPDATE: Surprise surprise, they have emailed me back saying it was my fault. I know it was not my fault - between the time the site went down and the time it was back up, I did nothing.

MATT'S UPDATE II: Okay, the next day they admitted it was their fault, and they don't yet have a resolution yet. So, there's not much I can do at the moment, except apologise in advance if the games stop working suddenly.

09 November 2009 - Future Games
Future GamesFuture Games

Here is where I'm going to list games I'm planning for the future, and keep you updated on the progress of them.
There's two games to start you off - Crossroads II, and Asteroids.

23 August 2009 - Jet Set Willy - now with high scores
Play Jet Set Willy online here - now with high scoresJet Set Willy now has high scores!

Play Jet Set Willy here.

15 August 2009 - Some behind-the-scenes moves
Behind the scenes, the games have moved to a new server to increase performance, but you shouldn't notice any difference.

However, if you have trouble loading the games, you will need to add http://darnkitty.g2-tech.co.uk/ to your trusted sites list.
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