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Jet Set Willy Hints, Tips and Info: The Nightmare Room
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  • matt: Is it hard? Yes.
  • matt: It doesn't help that Willy's nightmare involves him turning into an awkward flying pig which is too large to fit safely on the small platforms.
  • matt: Is it impossible? Absolutely. Well, it would be, if it weren't for this Youtube walkthrough.
  • andrewbroad: Or you can just jump right over the foot and under the red Maria from the middle platform above the 'g' in the title.
  • andrewbroad: To stand in one cell-column between two Marias, stand facing right with your wing up.
  • zub: From the Edge Online interview, "I just thought it was funny," says Smith. "The pig was drawn so it was exactly the same height and width as Willy at the crucial moments."
  • zub: The pig can stand safely between Marias when standing in the right place, but not on the platform to the left of the Pythonesque foot.
  • zub: The Edge Online interview reveals that "Willy's nemesis Maria" is "based on a Greek woman who lived across the road from his mum, according to Smith."

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