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Jet Set Willy Hints, Tips and Info: The Attic
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West Under the Roof WestThe AtticEast Dr Jones will never believe this East


  • matt: This room contains The Attic Bug; this room is famous for being the room that corrupts other rooms.
  • matt: In the Spectrum original, once Willy enters this room, bizarre events happen in the rest of the house, including all monsters disappearing from The Chapel, and other rooms (such as The Kitchen) would cause instant death upon entering.
  • matt: Software Projects, who published the original version, originally made out that this was intentional - that certain rooms were filled with poison gas, making Willy go back to The Bedroom via a harder route. However, they later released four pokes, which became known as the Official Software Projects POKEs (thanks also to this page for this info).
  • matt: The bug was caused by an arrow which was placed beyond the room data of this room - it overwrote memory locations in other parts of the game as it travelled.

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