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Jet Set Willy Hints, Tips and Info: Orangery
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 North Conservatory Roof North 
West West Wing Roof WestOrangeryEast A Bit of Tree East
 South Swimming Pool South 


  • matt: What's an orangery? According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, it's: "a protected place and especially a greenhouse for growing oranges in cool climates". Personally, I don't know how you or I live without one.
  • matt: There's also The Orangery in London's Kensington Gardens. It's very nice, but very pricey.
  • matt: To get the top right item, you have to go via The Banyan Tree and the Conservatory Roof - see The Banyan Tree for details.
  • matt: Once you have collected the items, ensure you step off the lowest centre platform towards the LEFT-HAND SIDE to avoid death.
  • anonymous: Jump over the orange to get the bottom left "bottle" and under it to fall onto the swimming pool rope.

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