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Jet Set Willy Hints, Tips and Info: Nomen Luni
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             Nomen LuniEast On the Roof East
 South Under the Roof South 


  • matt: Thanks again to The Jet Set Willy remakes FAQ page (from where this is blatantly ripped off from):
  • matt: "Nomen Luni" is a play on words of "Nomen Ludi" which appeared on the inlay card text for Zzoom (Imagine). Zzoom was all about shooting planes out of the sky. The joke is that one of the planes from Zzoom has crashed into the Willy Mansion. On the Nomen Luni screen you see the tail of the plane and on the screen below (Under the Roof) you can see the front of it (wings, propellers and cockpit). A rough translation by someone who has done O-level Latin results in "The Name of the Game".
  • rpeh: "The name of the game" was Imagine Software's slogan and appeared on all their adverts at this time.
  • ersorro: Always found this difficult
  • anonymous: It's pish

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