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Jet Set Willy Hints, Tips and Info: Conservatory Roof
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             Conservatory RoofEast Under the Roof East
 South Orangery South 


  • matt: To collect these items, you need to enter this room via the lower section of Under The Roof, which means that you have to climb The Banyan Tree. If you'd like to see it being done, you can watch this Youtube walkthrough.
  • matt: It's not possible to collect all four items in this room without dying. Willy must sacrifice one life to collect the leftmost item - the only place in the mansion where this is required.
  • matt: Once you have collected the items, ensure you step off the lower platform towards the RIGHT-HAND SIDE to avoid death.
  • ersorro: I need a tip to take the second item (the blue one) without losing a life, I can't jump there without dying.
  • anonymous: Room 47 [ was located above this room...which was completely empty, and could only be entered via a cheat poke. However, jumping up into the room via the infinite jump cheat poke doesn't work.
  • anonymous: To collect the second item without dying requires a technique not needed anywhere else. Walk left along the conveyer by holding the left key, release it for a split second, then press and hold it again. That freezes Willy's motion, allowing a vertical jump.

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