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26 January 2019
And we have a new leader at Crossroads...but probably not for long.

22 November 2018
Manic miner rules

31 July 2018
Last time I played JSW I was 12 yo... it was something like 33 years ago. Thanks fot this atmospheric revival

30 June 2018
This is just a test message i am happy to join Hellow world!

17 June 2018
I need more lives on manic miner aaaarg

09 June 2018
Hopefully it was just a temporary blip... Crossroads seems to be working now!

25 May 2018
Crossroads seems to have stopped working.

20 November 2017
Having trouble playing the Java games? You'll probably need to use Internet Explorer - Firefox and Chrome no longer support Java. http://www.darnkitty.com/

24 January 2017
Hi, guys! Nice to see you still playing here, it is hard to understand the kind of hobby)) but it is great

26 November 2016

25 September 2016
Been a while (3 years). Good to see the all-time records are still going strong.

14 May 2016
JAVA problems? Games won't load? Please go here: http://www.darnkitty.com/

05 April 2016
im the best the king of the brick maze

27 September 2015

11 August 2015
Back to second division battles))

Shoutbox Archive
Shoutbox Archive
andrewbroad on 02 April 2010
Thank you. I'm surprised to see that it's just the two of us on the Kiwitris scoreboard. I thought it was MUCH more popular, given that I am only No.10 of all time on Kiwitris.
flakothedog on 02 April 2010
Congratulations to andrewbroad for holding medals in 5 of the 6 games. Just need to squeeze a bronze in on Blagger...
andrewbroad on 01 April 2010
Theoretically intractable, but with a bit of common sense and means-ends analysis, it should be feasible to compute a minimum toilet-time that we can believe in.
flakothedog on 01 April 2010
... discussed by the two of you in the Manic Miner forum but this would be mammoth or intractable for JSW. Anyway, he's probably too busy!
flakothedog on 01 April 2010
Thanks Andrew. Not many more times - I think the theoretical minimum time is about 21m30s with optimised overall route and routes within each room. It would be nice if Matt implemented the algorithm
andrewbroad on 31 March 2010
I don't know how many more times I can say this, but congratulations to flakothedog for improving the world all-time high for Jet Set Willy (Normal Mode) to *104* 21m38s.
flakothedog on 22 March 2010
Well done Andrew. Must have been horrific to have got to Master Bedroom one item short. At least you knew which one you'd missed and didn't have to go searching every room!
jongtfc on 22 March 2010
congrats! to complete it perfect from The Bridge is good stuff. I often lose on On The Roof, missing the jump from the rope onto the right side.
andrewbroad on 22 March 2010
I realised to my horror that I had forgotten to collect the item Under the MegaTree, but one nerve-wracking sortie later, I completed the game with a toilet-time of 28m45s.
andrewbroad on 22 March 2010
...with the MegaTree, the East Wall and the Roof still ahead of me, but I managed to hang on, and arrived at Master Bedroom with 24m on the clock and 82 items.
andrewbroad on 21 March 2010
I have just completed Jet Set Willy on Normal Mode for my first time ever! I thought I was taking yet another trip to Chokesville when I lost my penultimate life in The Bridge...
andrewbroad on 21 March 2010
Congratulations to flakothedog for setting the Manic Miner world all-time high to 251832 (Cavern 128)! It will be interesting to see whether this provokes a comeback by jetsetdanny...
andrewbroad on 20 March 2010
Just posted in the Jet Set Willy forum on this site.
andrewbroad on 20 March 2010
Congratulations to flakothedog for improving the world all-time high for Jet Set Willy (Normal Mode) to *104* 21m44s, and personal all-time high for Manic Miner to 114471.
jongtfc on 19 March 2010
umm! maybe. I seem to tick the boxes
waffiron on 19 March 2010
Jon, i don't suppose you're my old mate Jon the Grimsby fan are you?!
andrewbroad on 18 March 2010
You can learn fail-safe ways to crack the other tough rooms, but for Under the Drive, you have to rely on perfect timing. Last time, I staggered out of there with two lives left and my nerves shot.
andrewbroad on 18 March 2010
Under the Drive does the most damage to me, as it requires two pixel-perfect jumps under pressure, and can easily claim several lives in just a few seconds.
jongtfc on 17 March 2010
my latest best includes tactical lives lost at Tool Shed and Under The Megatree. And I'm still over 2 mins behind!
jongtfc on 17 March 2010
's no way i could take 3 mins of my time!
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