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04 August 2019

02 August 2019
I am!

27 July 2019
anyone on?

27 July 2019

26 January 2019
And we have a new leader at Crossroads...but probably not for long.

21 November 2018
Manic miner rules

31 July 2018
Last time I played JSW I was 12 yo... it was something like 33 years ago. Thanks fot this atmospheric revival

30 June 2018
This is just a test message i am happy to join Hellow world!

16 June 2018
I need more lives on manic miner aaaarg

09 June 2018
Hopefully it was just a temporary blip... Crossroads seems to be working now!

25 May 2018
Crossroads seems to have stopped working.

20 November 2017
Having trouble playing the Java games? You'll probably need to use Internet Explorer - Firefox and Chrome no longer support Java. http://www.darnkitty.com/

24 January 2017
Hi, guys! Nice to see you still playing here, it is hard to understand the kind of hobby)) but it is great

26 November 2016

25 September 2016
Been a while (3 years). Good to see the all-time records are still going strong.

Shoutbox Archive
Shoutbox Archive
slimboats on 19 March 2015
That manic miners quite a cool game, its good fun!
jetsetdanny on 15 March 2015
Thanks, discusb!
discusb on 15 March 2015
Hats off to you sir.
jetsetdanny on 14 March 2015
Return of the King
chrusciel on 08 February 2015
hi sunny sunday
chrusciel on 07 February 2015
crezy climber
baba on 01 February 2015
Chrome for android does not support this plug in? Does anyone know what will? Really want to play manic miner again!
jacko_neil on 26 January 2015
I'd love to see some more retro Spectrum games. I've always wanted to play Urban Upstart..!
lusi on 22 January 2015
i love games and that is all i have to say
discusb on 12 December 2014
how do i reset my keys? pray tell
wetgoose on 20 July 2014
yellow kangeroo aaaaaaghh
kairos on 12 January 2014
god how the hell do i get the last 36 jewels in brick maze i found the secret area but i used my keys FUCK
gardelito97 on 24 December 2013
Message of Leader: Merry Christmas!
mammal on 12 December 2013
It's just another Manic Miner Day... la la-la.... that's my fun day...
mammal on 20 November 2013
Central Cavern II....wtf lol
jon1771 on 17 November 2013
how do you get extra lifes in manic miner? please help
tal77 on 17 November 2013
How do I play jet set willy
matt on 09 June 2013
Added another new game - The Brick Maze. Another game I created years ago and finally got around to uploading!
matt on 06 June 2013
Added a new game - Escape From ASCII Castle. It's pretty average; I created it years ago but there's been no new content in a while so it's up!
jongtfc on 15 May 2013
So i've done it again (in my quickest ever time - time-saving deaths at Tool Shed & Under Megatree)
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