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20 November 2017
Having trouble playing the Java games? You'll probably need to use Internet Explorer - Firefox and Chrome no longer support Java. http://www.darnkitty.com/

24 January 2017
Hi, guys! Nice to see you still playing here, it is hard to understand the kind of hobby)) but it is great

26 November 2016

25 September 2016
Been a while (3 years). Good to see the all-time records are still going strong.

14 May 2016
JAVA problems? Games won't load? Please go here: http://www.darnkitty.com/

05 April 2016
im the best the king of the brick maze

27 September 2015

11 August 2015
Back to second division battles))

21 March 2015
Back from hols & I see the top of the table battle has been hotting up....work to do!

20 March 2015
That manic miners quite a cool game, its good fun!

16 March 2015
Thanks, discusb!

15 March 2015
Hats off to you sir.

15 March 2015
Return of the King

08 February 2015
hi sunny sunday

07 February 2015
crezy climber

Shoutbox Archive
Shoutbox Archive
atlas_t on 18 January 2008
Hehehe good job Danny. It will also dissapear if someone (...me?) beat your highscore before March 1
jetsetdanny on 18 January 2008
Bad news for ye all: there's another 40.000 + score on the table and it will stay until the end of February. Good news for ye all: it will disappear on March 1 (New Zealand time) :-)
andrewbroad on 15 January 2008
Expect said update some time in February...
jetsetdanny on 11 January 2008
... have been and still are being created! :-)
jetsetdanny on 11 January 2008
lisa, have a look at the list (soon to be updated again) at: http://www.geocities.com/andrewbroad/spectrum/willy/list.html and you will be amazed how many new MM and JSW games for the Spectrum
lisa on 10 January 2008
.....following on from below.....I haven't played this since I was 10 and absolutely amazed to find it online!
lisa on 10 January 2008
Look I'm always up for a challenge, though considering I am stuck on the mutant telephones (dismal I know), then I have a way to go. But only just found this site with a game I haven't played
jetsetdanny on 10 January 2008
Okay, it's a clean sweep for me. Anybody gonna challenge that? :-)
jetsetdanny on 09 January 2008
You have just lost your silver medal, and I RULE! What do you say, atlas_t???
atlas_t on 07 January 2008
Oh great, this is a good Xmas present A good challenge
dinsdale on 03 January 2008
jetsetdanny is giving atlas t a run for his money! It's gonna take me months to get as good as these guys...
nicoff575 on 03 January 2008
oh my god i cant believe we found this game im 32 and used to play this at my best friends house when i was like 11!
gaz29 on 31 December 2007
Cant seem to get passed level 11. Any tips?
noona1 on 26 December 2007
chessjunkie on 24 December 2007
Manic miner is so addictive!
chessjunkie on 23 December 2007
khoostar on 22 December 2007
id like to see anyone get thru the 2500 point mark on cheese louise i rule at this agme and i doubt anyone can come close. LOL!
khoostar on 22 December 2007
bleh indeed.
igizoid on 19 December 2007
atlas_t on 04 December 2007
2nd game played in my life at Cheese = +1500 points. i think a progamer will reach 5000 points or more.
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