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20 November 2017
Having trouble playing the Java games? You'll probably need to use Internet Explorer - Firefox and Chrome no longer support Java. http://www.darnkitty.com/

24 January 2017
Hi, guys! Nice to see you still playing here, it is hard to understand the kind of hobby)) but it is great

26 November 2016

25 September 2016
Been a while (3 years). Good to see the all-time records are still going strong.

14 May 2016
JAVA problems? Games won't load? Please go here: http://www.darnkitty.com/

05 April 2016
im the best the king of the brick maze

27 September 2015

11 August 2015
Back to second division battles))

21 March 2015
Back from hols & I see the top of the table battle has been hotting up....work to do!

20 March 2015
That manic miners quite a cool game, its good fun!

16 March 2015
Thanks, discusb!

15 March 2015
Hats off to you sir.

15 March 2015
Return of the King

08 February 2015
hi sunny sunday

07 February 2015
crezy climber

Shoutbox Archive
Shoutbox Archive
andrewbroad on 09 February 2008
10 points short of the highest score for Cavern 20. Should have taken the leftmost item on the first pass!
jetsetdanny on 08 February 2008
... progress, it was meant to be :-)
jetsetdanny on 08 February 2008
Sorry, I've broken my earlier promise, but I just couldn't resist the temptation to break the 60000 points barrier. Now that it's done, I will REALLY have some rest - and watch you all pro
jetsetdanny on 08 February 2008
To Andrew: Cavern 23 is very easy once you have discovered the right routine. Caverns 25 and 28 have one difficult moment each, easy when you use the Pause button and know exactly when to do it.
jetsetdanny on 08 February 2008
... until the end of February, /*unless* I cannot resist my inner urge - but I'll try to control it :-) / so that a part of the current scores get erased and the scoreboard becomes "lighter&q
jetsetdanny on 08 February 2008
... into the first 36, and over 32000 points to register your score at all among the first 100 - which may be intimidating to some people, I suppose - I will refrain from playing ...
jetsetdanny on 08 February 2008
I have now reached Cavern 31 - I'm halfway through the new screens. Considering that at this moment you need over 56000 points to reach a medal position, over 40000 points to get...
andrewbroad on 08 February 2008
Would that I had time for a serious assault on reaching the elusive Cavern 26...
andrewbroad on 08 February 2008
I haven't reached a new cavern in Flash MM since I first reached Cavern 25 in 2006. And now I've got the yips on 23 - the last two times I reached it, I got the portal flashing but then choked
jetsetdanny on 05 February 2008
What would make me a pro? Making money on it??? I'd love that... One day I'll share some secrets, no worries :-)
azzubayr on 05 February 2008
whats your secret jetsetdanny? or are you just a pro? Let it out!!
azzubayr on 04 February 2008
jetsetdanny on 03 February 2008
To azzubayr (and everyone else, in fact): I await your challenge eagerly...
jetsetdanny on 03 February 2008
How do you insert real colourful smilies into these messages?
jetsetdanny on 03 February 2008
The point is to encourage Andrew to reach out for the new caverns. I KNOW you can beat me when you have enough time and determination to give it a good try :-)
jetsetdanny on 03 February 2008
The best scores for Caverns: 23 - 43256 [score #13] 16 - 31653 [score # 80] They could still be improved, but that's not the point...
dinsdale on 03 February 2008
am catching up... slowly
jetsetdanny on 03 February 2008
The best score for Cavern 15: 30072 [currently score # 88] I must admit it took me a while to achieve, but I wanted to see if it was possible to go over 30.000 points at this level.
jetsetdanny on 03 February 2008
To dinsdale: I could desist, but a more positive and creative attitude is to challenge you all to improve your performance. I believe you guys can catch up and give me some really hard time! :-)
jetsetdanny on 03 February 2008
... or whether there is an ending to the game after which you cannot gain any more points. I am going to find out soon! :-)
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