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Escape From ASCII Castle
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The Pyramid Maze
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05 November 2020

12 July 2020
manic miner

29 June 2020

24 May 2020
hey anyone there

02 May 2020

01 May 2020
36900 score in crossroads 2

28 April 2020
made great score on crossroads 2

26 April 2020
crossroads2 is hard

19 April 2020
manic miner is hard

19 April 2020

19 April 2020
cannot get past 6th cavern !

18 April 2020
MANIC MINER! just got high score 15 minutes ago

18 April 2020
they did a good ob on remake

18 April 2020
Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy are fun

08 February 2020
Great remake, ty

Shoutbox Archive


What is this all about?
Eventually I hope this site will contain a variety of flash games and other games. I am working on a few remakes of retro games, and will hopefully be adding new things to the site soon.

Who are you?
I'm Matt. I develop this site in my spare time for something to do, and because I like online games.
I welcome any feedback and suggestions - my contact details are listed on the contact page. I also have a personal blog which you can find here.

I can see my email address, even though I specifically asked for it to be hidden!
When viewing profiles, you are able to see your own email address, regardless whether you have requested it to be hidden or not. Nobody else will be able to see your email address.


Why are my high scores are not registering?
Most games will not allow you to log your high scores in the high score tables unless you are logged on.
In addition, you must click "Submit Score" once you have completed your game to register your high score. If you do not click "Submit Score" before you click "Restart", that game's score will not be logged.

Where did all my scores go?
Scores submitted stay on the website for one full calendar month. That is, scores submitted partway through December will stay on the website December and January. Scores submitted in January will stay on the website January and February.

Troubleshooting / Problems with the games themselves

It says I'm not logged on, even though I am
If you get a message saying you need to log on, then look at the top left of the webpage. If you see "Username" and "Password" boxes where you would normally expect to see your username, then you are not logged in and need to log in.

If you log in, and then return to the page and you get the same message, then it could be that your browser is storing the page from last time. Press Refresh to refresh the page, and the message should go away.

If the problem persists, log out and log back in, and try again.

If none of these options work, then please follow the instructions for the question below.

I'm getting an error code / the game won't load
If you have particularly high security settings, you need to add both http://www.darnkitty.com/ AND http://darnkitty.g2-tech.co.uk/ to your trusted sites list.

If you are unable to run the Java games (Jet Set Willy, Blagger, Kiwitris), then try the instructions on this page.

If you are using Firefox and have extensions installed, one of these extensions may be preventing the games from running. Disable all extensions and try again.

If you have tried everything above and it still is not working, please contact me. In your message, please state the EXACT text of the error that you receive, the URL of the page you encounter the error on and which browser and operating system you are using.

The music or sound is crackly / skipping / absent.
Crackly or skipping sound can occur if you are on dial-up, or if your internet connection is running slow. The games buffer the music, and if your computer can't download the music / sound as quickly as it plays it, then skipping or crackly music can occur.

If you notice no sound at all, then it's worth pointing out that Manic Miner and Sudoku don't have sound (it simply never got included). Games that do have sound include Cheese, Louise!, Jet Set Willy, and Blagger.

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